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What are some good food ideas for a Super Bowl, besides pizza, and chili. Also, I know I want to do buffalo wings but don’t know where I should order them from.. If anyone in the chicago area can give me advice on where to order the buffalo wings it sure would be helpful.. Thanks

I am having around ten people over to watch the super bowl. I need to provide food and drink but I am a poor college student. What is something I can serve that people will like but will also be affordable for me?

Super Bowl Party …. what are some good?

food ideas for a super bowl party?

I know Beer is at the top of the list

but what is a good idea for food to give?

Is the Super Bowl a family/friend/neighbor party tradition or just another day?

My wife likes to cook and she comes up with some delicious food and creative ideas regardless of which team you are routing for but it is a fun excuse to get people together and have some fun. What about you?

What to wear to super bowl party?

I’m going to a super bowl party with my husband and a bunch of his friends (and some wives and gf’s). We’re going to a sports bar for food and drinks. I’ve never met any of these people so I’m kind of nervous but more importantly, I don’t know what to wear to something like this. I want to be comfortable and cute but also sexy… any ideas? Thank you so much!! =D

What is on your Super Bowl Sunday party menu?

Just curious! lol we are having everything grilled or fried. Go man food! Not. lol I’m going to gain 5 lbs by tomorrow.

Super bowl party… Should I indulge?

Can I binge today or is everything i worked on going to be ruined if I do. I made some Pop-tart peanut butter sandwiches (my favorite food) for the party i am going to. And super bowl is alllll about food and football. Anyways.. I ate my usual breakfast (oatmeal and cereal on top). And the party is at 2:00. I’ have been working out 2 hours a day and eat about 1,500-1,700 calories a day. Can i binge today.. Or should i not. And dont say just have a little bit of stuff, b/c once i start i cant STOP

I’m hosting a pre-Super Bowl Party. What are some good Kosher finger foods/dips ?

I have no problem with the main dishes. But I need some recipes/ideas for pre-game Kosher hors d’oeuvres. Thanks.

What is a good snack to serve at a Super Bowl party?

My best friend is having a party. I want to make sure she fixes me every kind of good party food there is.

I will eat until I can’t eat anymore. I will drink until I pass out and I will make a mess and not clean it.

She will have to forgive me, because she is my best friend

I just moved in with my boyfriend and we are having a housewarming/Super Bowl Party.. Does anyone have any good ideas for food? My boyfriend loves cheesy nacho dip, so I’m going to be making that, but I need some more ideas.. Thanks!!

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