Me, Only Healthier

Me, Only Healthier

I’m fat. Obese actually. Eight years ago, I lost about 80 pounds on Weight Watchers. But, for a couple of reasons, I never set a “goal weight” so I never reached a goal. Then when I stopped paying enough attention to what I was eating, the weight crept back on. And I mostly don’t care.

But, there are a couple of reasons I dislike my weight:

1) I can’t buy pants off the rack. Plus sized pants are proportioned for a body shaped differently than mine. When I put them on, the pants all make an unattractive pouch around my belly. The rise is too high, the mid-section is too big and the thighs aren’t wide enough. My last three pairs of pants were all bespoke because that was the only way to get pants that fit. I’ve got some material sitting in my dresser for another pair. But since I’ve moved to New Jersey, I don’t have a tailor. I’d really love to be able to go into a store and just buy a pair of pants that fit or even a pair that can be tailored to fit.

2) My knees ache. I have arthritis. And recurring low back issues. And the extra weight makes both of these problems worse.

3) My feet hurt when I’m on them for more than a couple of hours. I hate that my travels are sometimes limited by my weight.

4) I fear a future defined by limited mobility. I don’t mind getting older. But I don’t want to grow old ungracefully and prematurely. If I don’t change, this future is inevitable.

The good news I that I have control over my own health. What I need to do now is take responsibility.

So starting today, I’m going to pay more attention to my health.

Step One: Make some lists.