Key Tips to Dating Someone With a Mental Health Illness  Mental Health Advices

Key Tips to Dating Someone With a Mental Health Illness Mental Health Advices

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Key Tips to Dating Someone With a Mental Health Illness

September 30, 2011 by Admin Filed under Mental Health Tips

The saying that true love knows no bounds is absolutely correct – and those that suffer from mental conditions have every right in the world to the same happiness and fulfillment that those without such illnesses enjoy. There is still a certain social stigma that stems from the topic of dating someone with a mental health illness, but those that find themselves attracted to someone already in the process of handling such an issue can still find happiness in spite of all odds. Behind every person with a mental health illness is someone that deserves love, kindness, and respect. The problem is that there can be a lot of misunderstandings between someone with a mental health issue and someone without that issue – those misunderstandings can often lead to deeper problems that lead to painful breakups. This article will cover three tips that you can try today to create a pleasant experience when dating someone with a mental health illness.

First, it is important to become a very good listener. One of the major concerns that people with mental health illnesses have is that they are not fully being heard and understood, or worse – ignored because they have a mental disorder. This fear can raise paranoia levels higher than normal and cause negative behavior patterns to surface as a way of getting the attention they feel they are missing.

This can create a fair amount of tension between any two people, but when someone has a mental health illness, this tension can be even greater than before. There’s plenty of ways to avoid this, though: listening thoroughly to what is actually being said without letting personal emotions get in the way is a great method to diffuse most relationship problems of this nature. To demonstrate that you’re listening to what the other person really has to say, try to weave in past conversations into present ones. For example, if they mention really wanting to see a certain movie or read a certain book, you might place a movie review on the desk or surprise them with tickets. Your gestures of understanding do not have to be elaborate, but they must be sincere. There is nothing worse than finding that the emotions someone has for you aren’t authentic, and such a thing will cause further problems to develop.

Just as good listening is key to dating someone with mental issues, so is giving appropriate space. When someone with a mental-emotional disorder is hurting, they may want to spend time alone. A common mistake that many people without a mental health illness do is attempt to force a dialogue on whatever might be bothering the person at the moment. This often ends in disaster: the affected party feels as if they’re trapped, and may only give a response just to get you to let the issue go. The better approach is to let them have the space they need without judgment.

Anytime we choose to date someone there will undoubtedly be problems and bumps along the way. However, if you follow the tips and tricks in this guide, you’ll have all the information you need to start a relationship off on the right foot – even with other issues in the background!

Looking for more tips on how to create lasting, dynamic relationships with people with mental health issues? We have you covered on our mental health social network, where friends of mental health sufferers as well as people dealing directly with mental health problems exchange tips openly and freely in a highly supportive environment.

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