Beetroot Shake recipe, Diary-6:

Beetroot Shake recipe, Diary-6:

I wanted to make a shake with beetroot and pineapple, because pineapple is a great fruit to balance the rather penetrating taste from the beetroot.

Unfortunately they didn’t have fresh pineapple today in my local shop, so I had to try something else together with the beetroot.

Or, to be more precise, they did have pineapple, but when I pulled on of the green top leaves, it didn’t come of, a clear sign I wasn’t ripe enough.

So the ingredients I ended up using for the beetroot shake, I made today, were:

1 beetroot

2 apples

Some carrots


Half a lemon

A teaspoon full of hemp protein

A teaspoon full of rosehip powder

A pice of ginger

But first I wanted to show a photo of the beetroots I bought because one of my younger friends admitted some days ago that she had never seen a beetroot, except the ones she bought pickled and in a glass. Which is why I placed the picture of three beautiful organic beetroots up with the ingredients.

By the way: I always try to get organic vegetables and foods, if possible, but if I can’t get them, or if they are too expensive, well, then I just wash and peel the vegetables I can get. It is so much better to make a homemade shake with vegetable and fruit, than it is to NOT make it, just because the ingredients are not organic!!

Back to the beetroot shake:

First I peeled the beetroot, cleaned the carrots.I also washed the apples (organic) and removed the core.

I juiced the beetroot and the carrots, and poured the juice into the shaker together with the apples, the hemp protein and the rosehip powder.

After blending it for a couple of minutes, I tasted it, but – didn’t like it that much. So I added cranberries, some lemon juice, blended, tasted, and it was ok. Not amazing, but ok.

Tips of the day:

If you need to be able to show very clean hands, do use plastic or rubber gloves, when peeling the beetroot. You can wash off the red color, but it might be a little difficult.

Cranberries gives a very sweet taste to the shake, but it is also very useful if you have a tendency to have cystitis.

I added the rosehip powder, because I have read that rosehip powder should be good to eat/drink if you have a tendency to pain in the joints, which I have had recently. I don’t know if it helps, I guess you need to eat it 2-3 times a day if it should work, but I still have this idea from my childhood, that rosehips are really healthy, so why not?

Anyway, the shake ended up tasting really nice, but I must admit that my husbond didn’t like it that much. On the other hand, he is not the one who needs to lose weight, so I guess it is a good thing that there is still 1 glass left for me for tomorrow morning He bought a watermelon today, so tomorrow I will make him a very delicious watermelon juice.

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