Read my story of yeast infection in child. That child was mine.

Read my story of yeast infection in child. That child was mine.

My son is a living example of a yeast infection in child. In the links below you can go to my home page and read my testimonial. I thought I was rid of the yeast problem when my husband and I decided to have a child. What I didn’t know at the time was two important things to be completely rid of the candida yeast infection. One is I needed to alkalize. This helps set up the right environment and discourages the growth of yeast infection in child and adults. Two is I didn’t know I needed to take large amounts of good bacteria. I took some but not enough. I didn’t learn these things until the candida,which hides and comes back when your system is weak had really got a hold.

After my son was born he would cry to nurse every two hours. Understanding what I do now I realize he was getting mercury in my breast milk. One year later after I received the mercury fillings I was anemic but the doctors didn’t know why. I was 13 years old when I got the fillings. The yeast became systemic years later and destroyed my life. For years I was very ill.

My son is now 15 years old. He has had problems with constipation, food allergies, chemical sensitivities,low thyroid and mineral deficiencies that affected his heartbeat at one time. Candida is hard to diagnose but more professionals are learning and helping with this problem. He craved sugar so bad at one time that we put a lock on the pantry and the friz. We found him sitting in the floor eating peaches from a can he opened from our pantry. We were unable to reason with him. I had read to give him vitamin C. I put some powdered vitamin C with minerals in some water and sat it close to him. He decided to drink it and shortly he was himself again. He calmed down. When yeast infection in child gets into the bloodstream and become systemic it can be very difficult to get rid of.

I have read a yeast infection in child can be gotten when the baby passes through the birth canal when being born. It is easily given to a newborn. Mercury can be passed to the baby that nurses if the mother has mercury fillings.

More recently we discovered that our son has a lazy eye. I had read recently that the mercury could cause eye problems in the child of the mother that has mercury fillings. Large doses of Vitamin C help to remove the mercury. It needs to have the minerals with it or use alkaline water to take it with to buffer the acid affect. My son seems to be doing OK health wise but we still work at it to some degree to stay one step ahead. We continue to drink the alkaline water, which is so important.

My daughter who is in her 30’s now had frequent infections after she was born. I didn’t know anything about all of this at the time. I wasn’t real ill back then even though I was anemic and didn’t have normal strength. I ask her to do these natural things to help her just in case I had passed it to her. It can take years sometimes for it to make you real sick. I hope this info has helped you. If you have any questions fill out ask a nurse form on this page. I hope this subject of yeast infection in child has helped you. Click on the different links below to educate yourself more. Thanks you for visiting. Come again.

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