Health Sculptures: Health mix Recipe (Rice and millets based)

Health Sculptures: Health mix Recipe (Rice and millets based)

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Health mix Recipe (Rice and millets based)

It is common in India to feed toddlers with homemade health mix(esp made from Ragi millet). Recently, health mix powders are available from stores as well that is consumed by adults including people with diabetes. Couple decades ago, whole grains and legumes formed major part of diet and that eliminated the need of these mixes. I remember my mom making kali (a single grain rava cooked in water and rolled into balls), millet dosas and kambu koozh (pearl millet mixed with butter milk) as part of our diet. Fast forwarding now, with rice, pasta and carb rich staples predominantly used in our kitchen, health mixes are good options to add benefits of whole grains and legumes.Here is my Mom''s recipe that I really liked and this is a part of our diet now at least 3 times a week. I have used Millets for most part and couple of legumes. This makes it ideal for breakfast providing you with much needed carbs and fiber from whole grains and protein from legumes. My daughter likes it too and I add half a teaspoon of panangalkandu (palm sugar) - a better alternative to white sugar to sweeten her health mix porridge. Check this out for benefits of using palm sugarIngredients : Saamai Rice - 1 cup

If you don''t have any specific ingredient, it is totally okay. If you find it hard to find all the millet grains mentioned, you can

simply stick with regular rice and add more pulses/lentils to make it

up. That is the best part of this. You can customize based on what you need and have. Taste won''t vary much.How to make it:

Once you gather all the ingredients the making of this mix is pretty straight forward.

1. Dry roast each ingredient separately till their raw smell goes away and it slightly turns golden or brown.

2. Mix them all and let the mixture cool for 15 minutes

3. Grind them to a nice powder consistency and sieve them if needed

4. Let the ground mixture cool for 15-30 minutes. ( Forgot to take pic :))

5. Store the mix in an air tight container.

Nothing complicated in making this. Just Roast, Grind and Store.

As mentioned earlier, this is a kid and adult friendly health mix and of all home made - so you know what exactly goes in the mix. Makes an awesome breakfast for weekends and also dinner if you want to fix something real quick. I will post the recipe on making porridge from this mix soon.

If we need to better our health, sometimes we need to look back at our grandparents diet! This is one best recipe from them!Post Update -

As promised, here is the recipe to make the porridge from this health mix powder. Enjoy!

Please share your feedback if you try this recipe and with any suggestions.

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Health mix Recipe (Rice and millets based)

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