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This winter may be a cold one and you might be worried about the high cost of the bills this year. There are ways you can stay warm and keep a lower thermostat. This can help you save money and do your part for the environment also. These things include bundling up and turning down the thermostat.

Heating bills can be outrageous no matter what your source is. A propane tank can cost around $700 to fill it and it may not even last you the entire winter if you are not careful. If you have a heat source through electricity or gas it may cost you a ton of money each year. Some people don’t even get heat in the winter because they cannot afford it. There are ways you can afford the heat.

The smartest thing you can do is bundle up during the winter. There is no reason to keep your home warm and cozy to the point you are walking around in shorts and a tank top. You need to wear layers. Buy the kids turtlenecks and thermals for layers. They can wear sweatshirts and other various layers around the house. You can still be comfortable in layers while you are at home. This will allow you to turn down the thermostat. This might allow you to save more money during the holidays so you can buy perfume and cologne as gifts for the family this year.

Turning down the thermostat is going to save you a lot of money. Many people who learn how to become a US citizen through USCIS and come to the United States don’t understand how much money the heating bill is going to cost. Then when they get their first electric bill of $400 for a month they realize how expensive it is to maintain heat. You can keep your thermostat in your home at about 60 – 65 degrees and wear layers. When you leave your home you should not turn off your thermostat but just down. This is because your heater will have to work harder to bring the temperature back up to the desired level when you return. Just turn it down.

The less energy you use to heat your home means the less coals you are burning into the environment through the power companies. This means you are doing your part. If you are a wood burning home then you don’t have to have a fire going every single day all day long. Choose times at night and early in the morning when it is the coldest time of day. Save on the wood and the carbons you are emitting into the air.

There are many ways you can stay warm this winter but the biggest way is by bundling up. Be smart and wear layers. You might like a cozy house but you will have to pay the price in your electric bill. It is also bad for the environment to use your heating solution when you don’t even need it. Be reasonable with the temperatures and you will save money and do something good for the environment.

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