Science proves that garlic kills cancer cells (but you don't need the science to benefit from it)

Science proves that garlic kills cancer cells (but you don't need the science to benefit from it)

Here''s the real story about this: people have been using chopped up garlic for hundreds of years to defeat surface tumors. Make a poultice of garlic and castor oil, paste it onto virtually any skin tumor, and the tumor will shrivel and die (or fall off) in a matter of days.

It''s hardly news to naturopaths (but still shocking to Western doctors). But the real news here is that the active ingredient in garlic is being used intravenously. Researchers are binding allicin to an antibody that binds with tumor cells, thus delivering the cancer-busting allicin payload directly to the tumor. It is seemingly the perfect blend of herbs and Western medicine: a natural substance delivered to tumor cells via a Western-developed targeting system. In reality, though, you don''t need the targeting at all: just eat (or drink) raw garlic.

Blend up some raw broccoli, garlic juice, onions and ginger. If you can stand the taste, it''s one of the most potent anti-cancer concoctions anywhere -- and the ingredients are available at your local grocery store. If you want even more cancer-busting power, take a few drops of graviola tincture every hour. Recommended reading: Eat To Beat Cancer.

  • A compound in garlic responsible for its distinctive aroma and flavor has been used to selectively destroy cancer cells while leaving healthy cells intact.
  • Researchers from the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot, Israel used a two-step system for delivering the compound, called allicin, straight to the site of tumor cells in mice.
  • For years allicin has been touted as responsible for garlic''s benefits, such as its ability to kill bacteria and fight infection.
  • An antibody programmed to recognize the tumor''s characteristic receptor is chemically bound to the enzyme alliinase.
  • The researchers then inject alliin at intervals.
  • When it encounters alliinase, the resulting reaction turns the normally inert alliin molecules into lethal allicin molecules that penetrate and kill the tumor cells.

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