Knocking back Rhinos at the zoo  Recipes Healthy

Knocking back Rhinos at the zoo Recipes Healthy

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Knocking behind Rhinos during a zoo

Could there have been a some-more suitable venue to locate adult with a Lost Rhino Brewing Co. than Brew during a Zoo, a National Zoo’s annual midsummer fundraiser final Thursday?

Lost Rhino, a microbrewery in Ashburn, has been pumping out drink (draft only) for a Washington and northern Virginia marketplace for roughly a month now. Matt Hagerman, one of a partners, was handing out samples of his Face Plant IPA for a line that stretched 15 deep. we had sampled this drink with a organisation of friends a few weeks earlier; a ubiquitous accord was that it had a nice, organisation sourness though could have used some additional aroma hops. The representation we had during a zoo was improved, nonetheless I’m not certain to charge that to a change in recipe or to a fact we was enjoying it underneath God’s blue skies instead of inside a funky, swarming bar.

Lost Rhino also offering Rhino Chasers Pacific Pilsner, a spicy lager that draws a floral, faintly citrusy season from a magnanimous kettle further and dry-hopping with a eminent bound varieties, Hallertau and Saaz. It’s a plain instance of a character that’s customarily compared with mass-market lager (although brands like Bud and Miller are apart approximations of a loyal pilsner) and neglected by a beer-geek crowd.

According to a brewery’s Web site, a corporate name evokes a “strength and opinion of a rhinoceros.” Each of a 5 class of rhino (none of which, unfortunately, is represented among a zoo’s 400 species) “has a possess graphic persona, trimming from laid behind to aggressive.” The site promises that Lost Rhino beers will likewise camber a far-reaching operation of personalities, nonetheless a releases so distant have a clear hoppy edge.

The seventh book of Brew during a Zoo offering a new twist: a VIP tent featuring a Belgian drink bar and assorted bites from internal restaurants such as Belga Cafe, Locolat and Brasserie Beck. The showcase was dictated as a kickoff for Belgian Restaurant Week in Washington, Jul 15-21. (Latis Imports, that markets Palm Ale and Rodenbach, is generally active, hosting during slightest 7 promos and potion giveaways on Jul 21, Belgian Independence Day, alone.)

My wrist rope didn’t extend me acknowledgment to a tent, though no matter: American breweries these days are

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Exclusive: GE to shortly find FDA OK for Alzheimer’s imaging agent »

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