How I Lost 18 Pounds in 2 Weeks with FREE Healthy Trials! (And How You Can Too) «  Real Weight Loss Review

How I Lost 18 Pounds in 2 Weeks with FREE Healthy Trials! (And How You Can Too) « Real Weight Loss Review

My path to finally losing the weight!

15 MayHow I Lost 18 Pounds in 2 Weeks with FREE Healthy Trials! (And How You Can Too)

My name is Mary, I’m a proud mother living in Ohio and recently a TV show changed my life.

My story isn’t an unusual one. My weight has always yo-yo’d and any weight I lost I would always gain back. What I am referring to is gaining twenty pounds in six months (150lbs to 170lbs). I tried everything and after spending hundreds of dollars and trying all kinds of disgusting shakes and powders I did some researching and found a system that actually worked! Now, I’m not doctor or nutritionist, actually I’m not even a professional anything (except maybe professional mom - does that count?) but hopefully I can inspire you to shed those unsightly extra pounds with the simple 2 step system that worked for me.

Now I tried several diets that claimed amazing results. I spent about $300 on fake products that didn’t give me any good results - just a stomach upset.  I was almost about to give up and just try to live with it until… I saw something on TV that changed my life.

My results after just two weeks!

Before and after pictures with my Acai NutraBurst + ColoFlush Cleansing system

Quick Guide for People Who Don’t Like Reading: The system I used was a combination of two products, which I got free trials for. I averaged nearly 1 lb per day in the prime of my weight loss, about 1 week into the plan.

Step 1. Acai NutraBurst (FREE Trial Bottle)

The only thing to pay is the shipping!!

The Show That Helped Me Lose Weight

One morning I turned on the TV to Oprah (my favorite celebrity), she had Dr. Oz on the show and they proceeded to talk about a fruit called “acai” berries and how it is the new “superfood”. Dr. Oz proceeded to talk about a berry that had been discovered in the Amazon called “Acai”. The part that caught my attention was when Dr. Oz explained how these berries help you lose weight by suppressing hunger and boosting energy, exactly what I needed. It was on Oprah and promoted by Dr. Oz so I figure why not? Than it seemed almost coincidental when I saw Dr. Oz again the next day on other shows talking about another good way to lose weight. Dr. Oz also mentioned that keeping your colon clean can be a great way to lose weight in which dieting and exercise cannot. Expressing that a years worth of bad junk get stuck in your colon like toxins etc. I don’t know all the medical terms but the point is simple and I just figured out the perfect method that led to my incredible weight loss!

Some of the many useless supplements I tried in the past!!

My “2 Step” Method Leading to My Incredible Results

I started researching a way to test this method without spending a whole lot of money, especially these days with all the economy disasters going on. I searched for a couple days and found some really cheap trials for like $3 - $5 or something, which was totally worth it to me. The products are: Acai NutraBurst and ColoFlush, you can get them both like I did within a few days. Then here’s what I did to make the so effective:

Step 1. Acai NutraBurst is the most important because I need the extra energy and after doing research I found that Acai helps me:

Fight heart disease (which was a good plus bonus)

Gives me more energy for fun times, trips and just overall mom freedom.

Aids in healthy digestion to keep me healthy (this was new to me too).

Improves brain activity yet another added bonus.

Suppresses my hunger during the day

Acai NutraBurst was great because it did pretty much everything and it’s true that it is a superfruit. I simply love the fact that this was all so amazingly cheap too.

Step 2. Colon Cleansing was the next important step because it gave me the extra natural weight loss that I needed while Acai NutraBurst did the other things just like Dr. Oz said:

Removes bad toxins in my colon and body

Gets rid of old junk and sludge in my colon

Helped me lose lots of extra weight exercise and dieting wouldn’t

The best part was that the Colon Cleansing System I Use was only like $5 to try it. I take these after my Acai NutraBurst, hence the 2 step method usually two times a day. It honestly was the perfect weight loss system for me! That’s how I was losing 1 pound per day on average!

The Results of My “2 Step” Method

During my trial period I lost of total of 23 lbs, how amazing! Currently I’m 151, so I have about 10 or 15 more pounds to go for my personal goals but I am so much more happier and I will continue to use this system for the last 10/15 lbs I don’t want. It has only been a month, so that’s close to 1 pound per day! I feel the best I’ve ever felt in years and it’s all thanks to Acai and Colon Cleansing, Dr. Oz and Oprah. My husband and family are extremely proud of me and the time I get to spend with my kids and family is just priceless. Best of all, I feel at least 10 years younger - Haha!

If You’ve Had Weight Loss Problems, Consider My Method

Make sure you try my exact method, get Acai NutraBurst and ColoFlush Cleanse and follow the steps I mentioned so you can see maximum results. Both products cost about $5, so it’s not a big deal. Here are the links to the trials I found:

1. Free Trial of Acai NutraBurst (Click Here)

2. Free Trial of ColoFlush Cleanser (Click Here)

(Free trial bottle offer good while supplies last)I hope my story has inspired you to go take action change your life by losing weight. Don’t give up! Let me know how it works out for you!

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Hi Mary, i’m 18 and still in school my mom warned me about getting these weight loss products, but there’s this girl in my class that’s just lost a lot of weight. I asked her for advice but she wouldn’t review. Prom is around the corner. so I guess give a try.

I saw all the pink color and i thought that you’re only reaching out to women :). I’m gonna take a chance on this and will report back when I see some results.

Haha sorry Pete, the pink doesn’t mean ‘ladies only’ it’s just my favorite color

Hey Mary, just wanted to say thanks - The free trials for both products came a few weeks ago(arrived really quickly!), and I’m already seeing results. I’m eleven pounds lighter and counting - my husband thinks you’re a saint!

Great to hear you have success with this. I’ve been using this for about 2 months now. didn’t get the result that you got the first 2 weeks but it was a gradual increase.

wow….I tried one of the products (the colon cleanser) and was able to lose a few pounds. I guess I’m going to have to sign up for a few more free trials! thanks for the tip Mary.

I’m glad this had worked out for you. please send me some detail as the exact step you used…taking once a day, twice a day, etc. I need to lose 20 lbs fast to fit in a dress…

I just moved to China last month, they have a lot this product here as well. But who can trust anything made in China? do they ship overseas? thanks Mary.

I’m interested to see what your husband says about the results

Mary, did you do any exercise while you’re using this product? I go to the gym a lot but i can’t seem to be able to get this love handle taken care off. I spoke to my trainer and he told me that i need to work on a healthy diet. would this help me?

Hey Sanny, I didn’t go to the gym, my only excercise is walking the dog and of course being a mom!

Thanks Mary. I’m sure your husband is happy with your new vitality.

My New Years Resolution is to lose 20 pounds and I’m waaaaaay behind. Looks like this could be the perfect way to do it - I’ll let you know how I get on!!

congratz Mary on the weight loss. I did some reading and found the the berry has lots of protein so this could really help you tone and strength those guns if you go to the gym in conjunction with using this product.

Many thanks for this, more reason to buy this…..;)

Mary, maybe you should include this in the article. Thanks!

great advice! do I have to try both at the same time to see the result you got or can i do one at a time?

I see a lot of these online. I was a bit sceptical but seeing how you’re able to make this method work. I’m going to recommend it to my friends.

Great method. will you please keep us posted as to how you’re doing now. it’s been awhile. thanks.

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My name is Mary, and I''m a busy suburban mom with three kids and a great husband. This is the story of how I lost 18 pounds in 2 weeks with a diet method I created from some products I saw on TV.Step 1: CLICK HERE to get Acai NutraBurst FREE TRIAL

Step 2: CLICK HERE to get ColoFlush Cleanser FREE TRIAL

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