Registry Optimizer Free, Enjoy Free!

Registry Optimizer Free, Enjoy Free!

Speed up, optimize and maintain your PC.

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As a free ware, Registry Optimizer Free is much better than what people always think a freebie should be. Robust scan and repair of system errors are already there and are considerably competent to eliminate unpleasant situations of your computer, optimize its performance and help it to maintain. While there is a Pro version, two license types you can choose. Pro provides more convenience and features. We put these two versions together, and give the specific comparison between them.

1. Needless to say that Registry Optimizer Free Free version charges zero to give users a professional treatment to cure their computers.

2. The scan is exhaustive which covers the whole registry system and contains four parts of defects, Registry Clean, Privacy Sweep, Junk File Removal and System Optimization.

3. Free version cannot clean all problems. Every time, you can only remove 3 of them. And then a box will pop up and inform you to buy or enter SN or just continue the free version.

4. Utilities are also available in Free version. There are eight built-in tools and they are all useful for computer maintenance.

5. Settings included in this app are aimed to give more customized controls of tuning up your own system. But for the advanced settings of System Optimization, Automated Scan and Automated Sweep, you have to enter an SN to continue.

6. Considered maximum safety, Registry Optimizer Free has a restore center where saves removed errors in case you delete some essential registry entries. You can restore them or delete backup eventually.

1. All features you can obtain with the Free version are also obtainable with Pro version.

2. When curing errors, Pro version really offers an easy method to fix all problems just by clicking the Cure button. You can let this program run and wait a few seconds for a better organized system.

3. You can make changes for Computer Optimization and Network Optimization based on your own use of your PC.

4. Now you can enable Automated Scan and Automated Sweep to protect your computer in real time.

Hope you enjoy the free version of Registry Optimizer Free. And if you feel there are some benefits you can get from Pro version, we hope the information could help you to make decisions.

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Arrival of the New Version of System Speed Bo... »

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