Psychology behind Dreams - Health Orane

Psychology behind Dreams - Health Orane

You Dream, right? Each night may be. On an average a person dreams 4-5 times per night. But 95% of the dreams are forgotten. Do you ever happen to think why this happens so? Why do we dream, How these dreams come and sometimes do you think how had a particular person come to my dream even after you never talked of him or talked about it. Looking for the answers behind all these. I too had same doubts and thought of all these things. Let’s reveal Psychology behind Dreams. Look at some of the unknown and secret facts we were unaware about.

The reason behind this is not clear to scientist but there are two main theories to why we dream, Physiological and Psychological theory. Physiological Theory focuses on how our body, mainly the brain function during REM(Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep. This theory believes that we dream to exercise the pathways between brain cells. Also long lasting nightmares occurs because we experience something that has impact on us.

Why we Dream of a Person?

When we try to answer our self why did i dream of that person or how come that person come into my dreams when you had not talked to him or you had no contact, you might have just seen him or may not even that. It is generally believed that when you dream of a person that person actually misses you. This happens truly in 80% cases. Also you might not know that thinking of someone heavily before falling asleep may cause you to appear in their dreams.

Our brains tend to be way more active when we sleep, than when we’re awake.

90% of the dream is lost the first minute we wake up.

Men tend to dream about men more than women, and women dream about people of both genders.

Information that we learn before we go to bed tends to stick with us longer than information any other time.

All the faces in your dream are of people you have saw throughout your life.

If a guy stands with his legs apart while with a girl means he likes her.

When a person cries and the first drop comes from the right eye, it’s happiness. But when the first roll is from the left, it’s pain.

When people lie, they tend to discretely cover their mouth or nose.

I dont dream at night, I dream all day; I dream for a living. Steven Spielberg

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. Walt Disney

Dreams are necessary to life. Anais Nin

In dreams begins responsibility. William Butler Yeats

A dream is a wish your heart makes. Cindrella

Got the answer to some of your questions. Beside this there are many more facts about dream.

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