Competent Recommendations About How To Stop Smoking For Good - 4 Steps To Success  Health and Fitness Blog -

Competent Recommendations About How To Stop Smoking For Good - 4 Steps To Success Health and Fitness Blog -

December 19, 2008Competent Recommendations About How To Stop Smoking For Good - 4 Steps To Success

The process of quitting smoking may be a hard task for some requiring extensive amounts of commitment and determination. There are undoubtedly numerous reasons for any person to quit smoking. There are also many problems and obstacles that a smoker has to overcome in order to successfully stop smoking.

Knowing what these problems and how to avoid them may increase the smokers ability to quit smoking and make the process much easier. Knowing what to do in these situations will make your journey to becoming a non-smoker a smoother ride, rather than hitting every bump in the road trying to quit.

Step 1. Come up with a plan of action. Just saying you are going to quit on X day is not enough to begin your journey to success. Creating a plan of attack on your addiction starts with the individual smoker determining why it is they smoke. If you are addicted to the nicotine in cigarettes you may need to find a smoking cessation product that you can help you wean yourself off of the drug. Some common products are nicotine patches, nicotine gum, and nicotine lozenges. Talk to others who have quit smoking using these products to determine which one will be best for you. If boredom is the reason you smoke, find things to do when the cravings hit. Some activities to try are exercise, crafts, puzzles, talking on the phone, typing out an email, or anything you can do to keep your hands busy and keep yourself entertained. Stress is also a common cause of smoking. Finding ways to reduce your stress without the use of nicotine will be important in your quest to stop smoking. Talk to your doctor about possible anti-depressants for your stress and your smoking.

Step 2. Gain support through others who have quit smoking and those who are in the process of quitting. Having people who know the trials and tribulations of stopping smoking may increase the odds of you being successful. Allow these people to help hold you accountable.

Step 3. Keep a journal or start a blog about your plans and actions of stopping smoking. Keeping a record or log of how you came to the conclusion to quit and the ways you are succeeding and the factors that are triggering your cravings can serve as a valuable tool for you. It will show when you are most susceptible to lighting up and help you carve out those situations as much as possible. This will also serve as a shrine to you when you have finally stopped smoking and have released yourself from the chains of being a smoker.

Step 4. Find a way to reward yourself for the great thing you are doing. If you are not quitting because of financial reasons, save the money you would have normally spent each month on cigarettes. At the end of each month buy yourself something or treat yourself in some way. Or you could save the money for an entire year and go on an awesome vacation. Most vacation destinations do not allow you to smoke on the premises anymore, now you can go and enjoy yourself without having to go across the street from your resort to smoke.

Quitting smoking as soon as you can is the best option for smokers. Do not wait until you are diagnosed with a smoking related disease before you decide to quit. However, if a medical reason is why you are quitting smoking, you can still follow the 4 steps to success.

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